Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Face of Lyme

For my photonarrative project I decided to take a picture of someone with Lyme disease. This disease is very important to me because I currently suffer from it. Since I cannot take a picture of myself for the project I met someone who suffers from this disease, her name is Betty Gordon. Betty has suffered from Lyme for 40 years and misdiagnosed for 35. Every time I've seen her she has worn this hat. I really wanted to show that each of us with Lyme look perfectly healthy on the outside, but on the inside we have an unbelievable amount of pain. Nobody looks at us, because we look healthy, and it is a hard concept for must to grasp. In this picture Betty wears her hat to help shed out some of the light and sometimes she has to wear dark sunglasses, because the light is too bright. In lightroom I tried to do the picture in color and I just didn't like the way it turned out, because her walls and her shirt are almost the same color, so it just looked funny. I fixed the exposure, clarity, detail, and messed with the grayscale a little. I decided black and white looks better, because it is still getting my point across that those of us with Lyme disease look perfectly healthy. I did do another picture in color, so you can see her green hat and green shirt, which I plan to put in my final book.

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