Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old News

This is my large format black and white print. I have done two projects now that are about newspapers. I am a mass comm photo double major so I am interested in writing for papers and becoming a journalist. I loved this shot because I was in a small town right outside my town and was walking around on a nice fall day taking pictures of the quaint town. I was walking by a building that was labeled Newsroom. A small old women who had to be in her late 70's maybe early 80's walking into the building. She was one out of the only two writers that worked for the paper. I loved the small town feel of all the old papers laying in one corner. I liked the composition of the shot. I shot it in color but preferred the picture in black and white. I also brought out the blacks in lightroom and added a vignette. This print turned out very well when it was blown up I think it has more impact than what it would as an 8X12. I had many good shots from this small town shoot and it was hard deciding which picture I thought was stronger. I felt with my news background I would rather hang this picture on my wall.

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